It is rumored that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 has a dual-camera.  The expectation of people is the new update provides excellent quality images like never before and pave the way to how technologies of camera will be developed in the future.

Galaxy Note 6 will most likely launch 4K resolution and a dual-camera, and so many other powerful specifications. Samsung might also enhance the megapixel rating, so the device of next generation will most likely include a more powerful camera than the 16 megapixel Galaxy Note 5. Using the Agile approach in releasing devices, the Galaxy Note 6 might be launched earlier than expected.


 Samsung is developing a dual-camera setup mode that allows users to shoot 3D photos. And also live images. Note 6 users can also record a 360 degree video in 4K resolution, and so many other capabilities. Samsung will reportedly not launch the dual-camera technology on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and proceeding to galaxy s8, so Galaxy lovers speculated that it might come with the Galaxy Note 6. The dual-camera might be easier to control in phablets than the smart phones without affecting heavy features like optical image stabilization. They both will give a very tough competition to iPhone 8 as well.

It is rumored that the upcoming device might feature a 21-megapixel sensor at the top and a depth sensor or a motion sensor at the bottom. The users of the future dual-camera technology are believed to be content creators, as like as the audience of the Apple iPad Pro newly released. It might run on the Exynos 56xx 16-core, 3.X+ GHx processor, and have a 30-megapixel rotary sensor situated the front and back. It has also fast charging capabilities, 6GB of RAM, So Users can do multiple task at a time without any harassment. Samsung galaxy note 6 has 256 of internal memory, that is one of a surprising thing to the peoples. A new design with metal and alloy materials, and a foldable or curved display is available.

Users hope that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be the fastest, slimmest and also the most secure phablet in the market when it launches. Click Here for more Tech Updates.


SEO and Search Engines

Exclusively important is to know how to tell search engines,that a page from our site is significant in particular subject.which is interesting for most of the people.Here come the keywords and phrases,which are using for communications between the publishers(owners of websites) and the engines such like Google,Yahoo,Bing,etc.As you noticed we talk about single page of particular website,and not for the whole published content.So that is true,because every single page of your site can be optimized according to different themes,according to the different content which is published.This way in global aspect,with our site we can cover bigger spector of information,which will bring you sure more visitors and popularity of your website.Until now we understood,that using a particular keyword or phrase,the user can go directly to every of your pages without to passes through the home page.


It is important to know,that every search engine has different algorithm for taking decisions about what the user searches exactly and how similar is the content of particular page according to written phrases by the user.After thorough interpretation of the code,engines look on the code,the title,meta description and also the visual for the users text.Some engines proceed to look at the tags for keywords,but these tag nowadays are not taken so seriously by the famous engines,and because of this the content is more important than the keywords,which can be easily manipulated.These tactics help for preventing from spammers and other malicious persons,who err the search engines and spread  wrong and sometimes dangerous informations(viruses)


Easy SEO methods for beginners

Plenty of people think that SEO optimization is difficult work and most of them are really right.The process is really difficult and has some steps and claims big tolerance,precision and persistence,and the results come slowly.Because of these reasons,most of the people prefer to turn to SEO companies,which will do the long and difficult SEO work instead of them.


And if you are one of the few people that want to make your SEO by yourself or even only to make a try it is good to insist in these SEO strategies that your concurents will dismiss,because this way you will reach purposes easily.Here is the list with rare used SEO techniques that can bring you nice results:

1) Building Internal Links – one well structured site with the right include keywords and internal links will has a better chance for success in google search engine.When you add new content just put internal links to other of your posts or categories and this way you will noticed often by the engines.

2) Building resources – you have to create a category or page in your site where to share articles or other informations with your keywords,interesting and rich content, and add many pictures and audio files which will mak the bots to detect your site.

3)Use SEO for blogs – As you know blogs nowadays are created specially for the search engines.If you points to other blogs you will attract google and yahoo in your team ! Search engines search for keywords in the titles,content and meta tags.

4) Promotion with Google +  –  Important ! Use this social site for spreading your articles,news and products and all new content.Some specialists tell that Google + will surpass Twitter as a social media,it is approved that Google + has a bigger precent of clicks,it will be very useful in your SEO optimization now and more in the future.