Couple Tattoos for Him and Her

A couple tattoo is nothing but a tattoo drawn or designed on the body of couples. The designs drawn on the couple’s body are related with each other drawn on couples’ individual hand which symbolizes the closeness and love between the couples.

Getting couple tattoos are one of the sweetest and romantic ways of confessing love for each other. It is taken as the symbol of unity. It is up to the couple whether they choose simple, graphic designs with meanings, names, quotes or line for a tattoo design. Couple tattoos make the couples feel like one soul though different body it just makes them fall in love over again.

Couple Tattoos For You:

The variety of couple tattoo designs is very large. A couple can choose any tattoo that shows the type of love they share.

Some of the most popular couple tattoo designs are a crown of the king and a queen, matching heart tattoos, wedding rings, heart, and key, etc. and are commonly seen on wrists and ankles of the couples. Below are the images of couple tattoos you can try them too.

  1. Connected Tattoo: When you are in love with someone you feel incomplete without them, you feel complete only when they are with you so that feelings you can express each other by drawing it in your arms or body without the need of words. You can see on this picture how that feeling had been portrayed.
  2. Key And Lock Tattoo: :A lock and key tattoo may symbolize many things; here since the Lock is designed in a heart shape, it symbolizes a heart which can be opened only with the help of a key and is with his/her partner. 

A lock also may represent the secret and mystery of couples love; it may mean that your partner who is holding a key tattoo only has the right to open the secret of our heart. It symbolizes the Trust between partners or couple.

  1. Date Tattoo: You can keep the memories of important days just by tattooing it on your body.

You may write the date of your first meeting with your life partner. This is the most romantic way to express your love to your partner.

4.Name Tattoo: You can write the name of your partner on your palm or body or even opt for an initial letter of your partner.

  What could be the better way to express your love for your partner? This trend is popular among celebrities.

  1. Infinity Tattoo:

Infinity tattoo design implies love for each other even after death. These tattoos are for couples who love each other extremely that they feel like dead also cannot separate them. 

  1. Matching Tattoo

This is for the couples who like to have the same tattoo with matching colors it may or may not symbolize anything but just for style.

  1. Puzzle Tattoo: Puzzle tattoos matches only when both the couple comes together, so it symbolizes the unity between the couples. Below given is the puzzle tattoo of a couple.There are much more types of tattoos that you can use to express your love to each other. Above I have given some of the selected Couple Tattoos that you may like if you also have a loved one.

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